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Da $inate

Sinate Sounds Records (S.S.R.) is a premier independent label from the city of Pittsburgh. Da $inate brought together a divided city through music and created more than just a label we’ve started a movement.

Da Sinate members are Jai FromDaWay a.k.a J.F. the founder and president, Squirm Nitti Burgh City the CEO and vice president, Corrupt Business,  Muggs Da Mayor, Young Reez, Fat Man a.k.a. Da Govna, Bad Guy G, Dicc Labow, SeekRed, Pige Craven, and the First Lady Mz. Luckky.

Da $inate’s sound is street gospel, authentic, deafening, and commanding. Da $inate tells the truest lies ever told.  Our music illustrate our struggles of hustlin’, staying alive and free, feeding our families, and dealing with the lost of loved ones. $inate $ounds Records has featured artist on their label such as Scarface, MC Eiht, DJ Holiday, Gucci Mane, Mike Jones, and Lil Scrappy.  We have moved crowds, rocked mics and lyrically assassinated emcees from coast to coast.


Jai FromDaWay     Squirm     Dicc LabowPige CravenCorrupt BusinessReez prayMz. Luckky


Off the WallJF Married 2 the HustleBriefcase moneySSR-Til Death Do Us We Be Da Sinate-Single-5-OhfnlcvrJFK Slowly Surely Redux T.O.PA  Corrupt Business-The Drought-FRTCorrupt Business LD 1 Family 1rstWe Be Da Sinate FromDa Hot N FreestyleCB Da Juxx glossyReez Cover Hot NMoney Dance-ReezSquirm Ike Mixtape coverPige Mixtapenitti


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